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Update on the Ellen Show Cookie Delivery

Posted by Danielle on November 6, 2014

Back in September I mentioned that our cookies were headed to California for the Ellen show.  Our daughter, Alyssa called in September and said her and her boyfriend, Gabe were selected out of a pool of people to be in the studio audience of the Ellen Show on October 22nd. She called me with great […]

Cookie Temptations has received a celebrity endorsement!

Posted by Danielle on September 25, 2014

Guess who loved our cookies! Daymond John, Founder, Billionaire of FUBU clothing line and one of the investors for the ABC’s TV show Shark Tank, received and fell in love with our cookies that we specially made for him. A few weeks ago, my dear friend Nikki and I went to hear Daymond John speak […]

And The Winner Is….

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

Congratulations to Lauren Strohmeyer! You have won this Cookie Bouquet. You can pick it up at our store between now and Saturday during store hours. If you have any questions please reach out to us on Facebook or email at  customerservice@ Thank you to everyone that participated in our Cookie Giveaway!

Win Free Cookies!

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

Thank you for checking out our Cookie Temptations Blog! Check out our blog often as we love to announce new cookie designs, seasonal cookie gifts, trivia, news clips and more. Did we mention we also love to do giveaways? Well…we do! Let’s do a giveaway this week! Everyone that participates in the contest will be […]

Halloween Cookies

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

Who likes Halloween? We sure do at Cookie Temptations. Halloween is a fun time to share tricks and treats for office parties, school parties, Halloween parties and more! If you are looking for a sweet treat to share check out our Halloween cookie varieties. There are many styles fun for all your favorite ghosts, goblins and […]

Cookie Temptations Easter Trivia – The Answer!

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

Ahhh…that was too easy–you are all chocolate bunny experts! The answer to the trivia question:  76% of people claim to eat this part of the chocolate bunny first? Is…The EARS!  100% of respondents got it right! Make Cookie Temptations blog one of your favorites and visit often for fun behind the scenes information, trivia, recipes, […]

Cookie Temptations Easter Trivia

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

Just for fun…try your hand at our Easter Trivia!  Click on the link below to answer the question.  Tune in later in the week for the answer and to see how your answer matched up to other Cookie Temptation fans! Some of our favorite Easter cookie designs–as always designed completely in the finest chocolate! […]

As the Cookie Bakes… A Look Behind the Scenes at Cookie Temptations

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

As a business owner I wear many hats–manager, dishwasher, designer, bookkeeper, and even photographer. I thought it would be fun from time to time to show you a behind the scenes look at what happens when the ovens are on (and off) at Cookie Temptations. I hope you enjoy this little segment I like to […]

History of Valentine’s Day

Posted by Danielle on December 30, 2013

I was curious to find out how Valentine’s Day came to be. I just thought, as many of you probably did, that it was the card makers and the retailers created such a Holiday to generate sales.  I have to admit, being a retailer myself I get overwhelmed when I see Valentines Day items sharing […]

The Start of a Cookie Company

Posted by Danielle on January 24, 2012

I guess I should start out by explaining how Cookie Temptations began. In 2007 I heard about my friend’s, friend in TN who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and it was in her blood and bones. She was married with 5 children in school. It was in December and I was making my […]