Cookies for Hope

About Cookie Temptations

In December of 2007, a school friend told me about a friend of hers, who was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that was also in her bones and blood. Trudy had a loving husband and five children who depended on her. I felt a calling to help her and decided to sell my sugar cookies that I was making at Christmas time. I wasn’t sure if it would work but with the encouragement from my sister Michele, I gave it a try. I raised $160 for Trudy and her family. It wasn’t a lot but at least she knew people were praying and thinking of her and her family.

While dabbling in my kitchen with cookie designs and ingredients, my sugar cookies decorated with chocolate were the hit with my sister and her children. I quickly found out that I was able to design with chocolate. I continue my efforts with cookie fundraising for local families while creating more designs per people’s requests and the demand kept growing. My customers would say to me, not only the cookies were beautiful, they were delicious too!

Through the blessing of my fundraising work, family and friends encouraged me to open a cookie business. In 2009, Cookies for Hope transformed into a home-based business called Cookie Temptations. I also continued to work a full time job simultaneously.

To my amazement, the business continued to grow and grew to a point that our 900 square foot home could not handle the volume coming in. On January 26, 2010, Cookie Temptations had its very own dedicated space. I opened a 500 square foot store front and I continue to be blessed.

With a lot of prayer I took the entrepreneur leap in June 2010 and quit my full job. Now I work at the cookie store full time and love every day! In August 2010, I created a Gluten Free Cookie for those who are unable to have wheat/flour in their diets and it is delicious!

My commitment is to continue to strive to provide my customers with the best of quality, freshness, new products and superior customer service possible while giving back through my blessings. Just remember the oven is on for you!

In Joy!

Jennifer Young
aka the Cookie Lady
Cookie Temptations