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Cookie Temptations has received a celebrity endorsement!

Daymond John Celebrity Endorsement at Cookie Tempations

Guess who loved our cookies! Daymond John, Founder, Billionaire of FUBU clothing line and one of the investors for the ABC’s TV show Shark Tank, received and fell in love with our cookies that we specially made for him.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Nikki and I went to hear Daymond John speak at the Cloquet Fon du Lac Community College and he shared his story about how he got started by his grassroots effort to create a billion dollar company.

Jennifer Young and group at Daymond John in Clouquet Jennifer Young Owner of Cookie Tempataions with Cookies for Daymond John of Shark Tank

It was fascinating to hear all he did to reach the top! I really couldn’t believe he was in front of us talking.

Daymond John speaking at the Cloquet Fon du Lac Community College

I bumped into him briefly as I was searching for the ladies room. He was walking towards me and I said, thank you for coming today. I’m the cookie lady and I brought cookies for you.” He said as he was passing and in a friendly manner, “that’s dangerous”. He has this natural sincere and genuine presence about him that really surprised me.

Daymond John Shark Tank Cookies and FUBU Cookies Shark Tank Cookie Bouquet

I was able to put the cookies I made for him along with a specially made cookie bouquet (all the logos of his co-hosts on the show) by a chair he was next to. He didn’t personally take them as he left, so I wasn’t sure if he would receive them or not.

Daymond John Celebrity Endorsement at Cookie Tempations

My friend Liz, found the post he made on Facebook about our cookies and shared it with me to make sure I saw it.  Here is what he said: “The packaging was great! the design was great! by the time I was done I ate 2 shirts a hat and a shield! the cookies were amazing! My tummy hurts. I found out they ship nationwide!! I will definitely send them as gifts!”

Cookie Temptations - Ship Nationwide

Here is what he said on the cookie bouquet I did for him. ” received a wonderful gift of this amazing art on cookies! I wonder how they taste!”

Nonetheless, I was over the moon! Some of you may know that in 2012, I submitted to be on the Shark Tank TV show with hopes I could pitch my business to them. We made it to the 2nd round but never heard back from ABC producers again. However, this experience was far better then being on the show.

Daymond actually had a wonderful experience here in Duluth where he stayed at the Sheraton. For those who don’t have Facebook, I have attached two other posts he wrote about his experience in Duluth. It truly shows how genuine and down to earth he really is.

Wonderful experience with Daymond John

“After leaving the bar I walked outside and had a quick chat with a guy who stepped outside as well to catch a quick smoke. He was cool, he was genuine, he was real, he did not know who I was. We realize we had something’s in common. 1. We like real people. 2. Its cool just to say hello to a person and have no agenda. 3. He opened up his shirt and showed me he loves the Notorious BIG just as much as I do!!!”

Daymond John's Stay in Duluth MN

“In closing, these moments are why I realize why I enjoy travel so much. The hallway on the left is leading to my basic room in Duluth. The hallway on the right is leading to my a super luxury room in Vegas. Give me a basic room and a town full of amazing kind and generous people over a glamorous room in a town full of agenda driven not do nice people. ”

So in celebration of our wonderful experience with Daymond John, we are offering a special for YOU to let everyone you know, how wonderfully amazing Duluth is. Any order over $40, receive free shipping anywhere in the 48 US states. (Offer ends October 15, 2014) See below for details.

Thank you for letting me share my exciting moments with you today. Stay tuned to us as our cookies are making their way to the Ellen Show in mid October 2014!

In Joy!

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