Cookies for Hope

Customer Testimonials

Cookie Temptations is my “go to” special occasion gift giving store. It’s the best place to get a thoughtful treasure that tells my family & friends that I’m thinking of them.

Audra F.


I’m so happy for your success. My son, Charlie, and I had stopped in one day just to buy a chocolate decorated cookie and the staff was so kind to us and even taking the time to talk to my son and answer all his cookie questions. That is rare. You have customer’s for life as far as my son is concerned. Thank you!

Michelle Juntunen


Best chocolate decorated cookies ever! Amazing designs & artwork. Just ask, they’ll customize for you! Worth every penny. Amazing local business.



Got some of these AMAZING chocolate decorated cookies at our office courtesy of Blackwoods. They are SO good! The icing is incredible. I will definitely be stopping in for more =)

Gretchen Maslowski


Great company with great people and products!!

Michelle Hendrickson


Cookies shipped to Minneapolis beautifully!! Delicious and beautiful for a take away treat after rehearsal dinner!

Adrienne Viljaste


The chocolate decorated cookies just arrived and the surf board cookies are gorgeous!! You did
an amazing job! Can’t wait to eat them this weekend! Thank you for such an
amazing product!!!

Katherine Haight


Hi, Jennifer – The Cookie Monster chocolate decorated cookies were absolutely perfect!!! The fur even had texture and you nailed the googly eyes! They were just so cool looking….and so yummy! Thanks for making special ones just for us!



Jen, WOW!!!!! I contacted the Project Manager at the site to see how everything turned out with Gucci this afternoon. The chocolate decorated cookies were a HUGE hit. The President/CEO immediately recognized both bags and pointed out that one of them is their very best seller. He asked our PM to ship the cookies back to their corporate office in New York to show his colleagues. My boss called them “perfect”.

I’m so sorry I missed telling you in person. I told Caitlyn I would hug you and your team if I could. Thank you for being so wonderful, creating such a fantastic product, and going way above and beyond to make a last-minute frantic situation into such an amazing experience. I am so grateful.



To the WONDERFUL and VERY creative staff @ Cookie Temptations, I have wanted to email you guys to let you know that the chocolate decorated cookie bouquet that you made for my daughter Ana White for her sorority- Alpha Phi red dress gala ( 2/2013) was a HUGE hit! The bouquet auctioned off for $75.00 !! There wasn’t a damaged cookie in the bouquet! Thank you again for all the hard and very creative work you did ! I will certainly be ordering from you again and again.

Jo White


By the way your chocolate decorated cookies were a complete hit at our wedding, they looked so nice and there weren’t any left sitting on the tables, like you told us would happen! Thank you!

Deedra Bowman


In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy one of your faithful customers there in Duluth, our daughter Kim Knuth who has come home for Father’s Day. She delighted us with a Thanksgiving Cookie Temptations chocolate decorated cookie bouquet and we’ve been “hooked” ever since! Thanks for all your effort and excellent product. You’re a winner in our book! Have a great weekend!



Hi Jennifer, The chocolate decorated cookies were awesome!! I sent some down to our Minneapolis office and they raved about them. I still have some left over and we are having people up from Minneapolis and I want to show them our cookies. Thank you so much.

Mary, Office Manager, RSM McGladrey, Inc.


Hello Ladies, I just wanted to thank you for the adorable chocolate decorated cookies! They look amazing and I know our group is going to just love them! I’m so happy we have you in town now.

Tracy, Sales Manager, DECC


Hi Jennifer & Staff! I just enjoyed one of your chocolate decorated cookies!!! I was lucky enough to be visited by Mary Nelson, Director of Packaged Travel in Duluth! I am a bank club director for the age of 50 and Better! We had met at a few bank conferences and she came to visit me on her travels of Iowa. She left me with one of your delicious, beautiful cookies. I will admit, it sat on my desk for a day, which nothing sweet gets past me, ever! It was just so pretty, and decorated so professionally, that I thought, “Oh, this surely can’t really taste very good, it is too “pretty.” Well, I am here to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was! Delicious!!!! I looked on the tag that was stuck on the bag, and went directly to your website! What beautiful work you do!


Hello! I met my friend this weekend and she gave me this absolutely exquisite chocolate decorated sugar cookie shaped like a red dress. She was so excited. She exlaimed, “This is for Women’s Heart Month!!” I savored that red dress for three days!! Your delicious recipe reminded me of my time at Grandma Pearl’s during Christmas. OMG! Thank you so much!!

Kim R., Duluth, MN


Hello Jennifer- I have your email from a card that was on a polar bear (Berlin) cookie that I received at the blood drive for the zoo. I wanted to save the chocolate decorated cookie to show off, but I couldn’t resist. No one gets enough positive feedback so I wanted to be sure you knew that everyone loved the cookies. Not only were they beautiful to look at, but they were delicious! Thank you for baking them for Berlin’s birthday bash blood drive.

Leslie, Director of Education & Animal Management, Lake Superior Zoo


Oh my gosh – I love the chocolate decorated cookies!! They are super cute!

Monica H., Marketing Manager Maurices


What can I say? The chocolate decorated cookies were a HUGE hit – soooooooo many people commented on how impressive they were. What I did was set each setting on the cloth champagne colored tablecloth, with a cloth champagne colored napkin that I draped over the table placing a fork and knife on the napkin with the cookie (tilted) at the edge. It all looked so awesome. We had 332 people attend, so I took 13 extra ones to work today, and they were as impressed and were surprised how great they tasted too. One comment was “usually cookies that look so good don’t taste very well, but these are great!” Thank you – Thank you both… so much! I know how much time was put in and it is very much appreciated!
Hope to see you soon.

Nancy Katoski, Marshall Athletic Booster Chair


They were PERFECT! A huge hit as always so thank you so much. Let’s plan on doing the same designs for the similar event in August.

Megan C., Special Events Planner, SMDC Public Relations


Ooh my Jennifer the chocolate decorated cookies were a HUGE hit! I was out of all 2000 by about 2pm…and people were still asking for them. I would like to ask your permission if i print your contact in our employee newsletter for those that want to order them
Merry Chirstmas!

Megan C., Special Events Planner, SMDC Public Relations

Oh please let me relive the “cookie” moment.


A beautiful brown and white stripped box lay in the center of the elegantly designed dinnerware arrangement. We all took our seats and settled into the dinner with Suzette’s home made soup accompanied by french bread and salad. (the perfect combination for women in their 50’s). As our wonderful hostess cleared the table she opened the brown and white stripped box and to our delight there were 12 personally decorated 4 x 6 chocolate decorated sugar cookies inside waiting to be eaten by the women seated around the table. The box was passed from one friend to another all searching for the cookie with their own name. A smile came over each of us as we unwrapped the cookie (yes each was wrapped with a purple ribbon) and then we took that first bite. The cookie was light and crisp, the frosting had a hint of almond (at least that is what Sue and I thought) the decorations of purple and green edging set off the showcased name in the center. Each bite was a “party in your mouth”. Every bite was savored to the very end. I thought to myself I want another cookie (Amy be bold..go ahead) I asked can we have another cookie? By that time the coffee was ready and we all had unwrapped the remaining cookie of the missing club member, broke it in half and proceeded with our ultimate cookie experience.

Amy Norris, Duluth, MN