Cookies for Hope

Cookies for Hope

The purpose for Cookies for Hope to provide a vehicle to help raise money for a family with a life threatening disease or accident and to provide a moment, or a day, to not have to think about the financial stress that comes with these diagnoses.

I believe every order placed on behalf each of the families, a prayer goes along with it. Where there is Hope, Miracles happen.

Cookies for Hope Fundraising Opportunities Available 
Merissa Edwards Cookies for Hope Family - November 2014Thanks to everyone that took part in Cookies for Hope in November. Total Raised for Merissa Edwards was $335.50. Thank you!

Ongoing contribution to local families to date:

Help a family in need with a Cookies for Hope Fundraiser.
100% of the net profits from your fundraising efforts will be given directly to the person/family for expenses.

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