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Update on the Ellen Show Cookie Delivery

Back in September I mentioned that our cookies were headed to California for the Ellen show.  Our daughter, Alyssa called in September and said her and her boyfriend, Gabe were selected out of a pool of people to be in the studio audience of the Ellen Show on October 22nd.

Ellen Show

She called me with great excitement to ask if I will design cookies for Ellen for her to bring.  They told her that she can bring a gift if she wanted.  I said of course!

October 20th, I created cookies that hopefully Ellen will like.  I created her dogs, Mabel and Wolf along with some tee shirts and my favorite, boxer shorts from her line of underwear.  I also included our delicious chocolate chip cookies and our latest Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies.   Since Ellen is a Vegan, I made her vegan double chocolate chip bars.  I had to include something that she will eat.

Ellen's Cookies

On October 22nd, Alyssa and Gabe arrived in California where they grabbed a bite to eat after landing.  As they were on their way to Burbank, Alyssa realized that she forgot their VIP tickets at the café.  So they turned around and went all the way back to retrieve them, thankfully!

However, in order for them to keep their VIP status, they needed to arrive by 1:00pm sharp!  They arrived at 1:20pm, which forfeited their VIP status but was able to have standby tickets.   They were able to get seats for the show but weren’t able to sit together.  So Gabe got a seat way in the back up top.

Cookie Temptations -Alyssa and Gabe getting their standby number

Then God showed up that day, Alyssa was able to get a seat in the second row by the stage and…..sat next to Julie the wife of the Executive Producer of the show!   Julie’s daughter came to see Taylor Swift that day.

They talked about many things and briefly talked about the cookies Alyssa brought.  Meanwhile, waiting for the show to begin, Gabe was picked to show off his breakdancing moves on the side stage and won this shirt!

Cookie Temptations -Gabe with his shirt


At the end of the show, Julie wished Alyssa a fun vacation and said she will find those cookies!

As of today, we haven’t heard anything but you never know what God has in store for Cookie Temptations!  We’ll keep you posted if we hear from them.

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